Het verval SIGLogo(t)

Na het tijdperk van seksuele bewustzijn, inwijding en wijsheid, kwam er een fase van verval.
We leven nog steeds in die laatste fase, warin uitbuiting voor geld centraal staat.
Mannen behandelen vrouwen daarbij als geld-melkkoe.
En vergeten dat ze zonder brouwen niet worden geboren; hoe kwam dat?


He was not aware that after he had left the temple that times were to change. It was said that the balance was lost. It was subtle. Something personal connecting into the professional. The sacredness being confused with the profane. Priestesses losing their touch and timing, and becoming the First Woman of the man they were to initiate; no longer able to work as priestess. Men coming back for the priestess, bringing presents, instead of walking the world and be seen by the women. Priestesses accepting the presents, and men, and perhaps later demanding presents before the initiation. Men being confused thinking that their presents can buy the priestess. The golden thread of their life, was replaced by threads of gold. Initiation was no longer given, but sold. No longer did the women determine whose life line was to continue, because of the way it folds the bead of the unbroken circle of life. Instead, men started to pillage and plunder, to rape and procreate; as if they had that choice. The world of peace was lost to a world of war. And rape.


Both men and women lost balance. The women perhaps at some moment started to scorn the men whose life thread of the heart was not golden. Perhaps they started to confuse outside with inside. Maybe they started to stop the life threads of some men to early: not only not giving them life, but also not giving them sex – thus healing – and no longer giving them initiation – thus insight. Whatever the way by which the trail was lost in the mist of time, it was outspoken. There were places where the plot was inverted. One woman of the tribe selected one man – for a year – who was showered with gold as if he was perfect, and who was selected as example of goodness and beauty. For other man to aspire. The personal responsibility of crafting the thread of your life was replaced by competition. With at the end of the year a new young stag chosen; and the other one burned. This, one can imagine, made some men upset.


Both men and women lost balance. The men  used their 15% more muscle at some time to dominate the women, just as they had domesticated cattle. Not knowing the difference between male and female hormones, and not personally aware of the vast difference between holding half of the magick wands that sparks life, and the unbroken ring of life that continues the web of creation, they though they could know – and decide – on what women always have felt: the uniVerse lies within us.

Soldiers, rapists, started churches, and created rules for culture. Perhaps this was well meant, and meant to add to Laws of Nature. But then men wearing skirts decided they know life, and could decide upon life. Their decrees debased women. They had the wise women killed and burned, the other called harlot, and preached the ignorant belief that men could be born from a virgin.


Men burning women; women burning men. The balance was lost in our culture. The Rules for Culture belied the Laws of Nature. Thoughts dominated the body. Rather than Nature bearing life, Culture determined who was to breed. Churches monopolised the experience, then 'consecration', then ritual, then administration of marriage, birth and death. 'They had them by the balls': people were implicitly – and explicitly – told about sex, rather than life.

Yet, even though men in skirts told the population how sex and life were to be lived, the women still carried the tradition. In field and forests, homes and brothels, women still sensed the needs of the men, and helped them. Bishops went to brothels whose existence they doomed from the pulpit. A society that does not base culture on nature is schizophrenic. But still there were women who were sincere in their realisation that men need initiation. And that they can give it.


The Internet shows how the world is out of balance. Everything what was forbidden 'is now allowed'. “Free sex”is sold to the highest bidder. Everything that was to be covered, is exposed. This culture forgot that 'specifically the private parts are meant to be shared”. And that ' humanity was kicked out of paradise for putting on clothes'. Nakedness is our natural state of being: nothing to hide. The XXX on the WWW is symptomatic for hundreds, even thousands years of sexual repression and oppression. Even the most 'liberated' internet 'temples' where femininity is supposedly extolled to its highest virtues, are still operated by men, for money. Priests (men) condemning women (witches) was part of a political spiel. Pimps pimping women is part of slave trade still. Fortunately some nations already realise that prostitution is a trade; even if only because this brings them in tax money... Yet it is time for women to realise that they determine what continues to live, on Earth.


Pimps are the problem.

As soon as sex is sold and the shopper gets a receipt, everyone is accountable for their doings. Whenever someone receives money for another doing the wok you know there is a form of employment.

There are places where men pay men money for having sex with a women. Often without asking her consent. Many women, still, are sex slaves. The police, lawyers and politicians know this. As occasionally the news shows: they go their. They participate, and let it happen because they, too, are sexually crippled and wanting. They, too lacked sexual initiation, with the learning of respect for/by the woman. They too pay another, even when they put the money in her hand. Sex is presently a business. Big business. This culture forbids prostitution and thereby forces the price up and the quality down. Sex is never a rush job. Good sex takes time. It is a life style, in which two people get to know themselves in getting to know each other. Good sex teaches in minutes what religion preaches a lifetime: we are universally connected. You can feel it in your body. Good sex is a lifestyle, an art. Sexual initiation s but a first step. Practice to perfection may take a life time. Perfected practice indeed extends your life time. In being more aware of your body, your body is more aware of you and cater to you better because you care for/about it better. This is the same as shown in sex. Sex can be a more perfect teacher, of/for/by love than religion. The experience is direct. The memory lingers and lasts in the body. Churches forbade sex and burned women out of fear of competition. Who wants to hear a story of divine cosmic feeling in church, if you can have the direct experience and understanding in the whorehouse? One thing must be realised to b resolved. Whores are prostitutes are priestess f initiation. They need to be called so, honored so and paid so. And get rid of the pimps and those who treat them a slaves or (un)knowingly allow others to do so.


Praise the prostitute  and purge the pimps.


The body is our basis for our experience of creation. It is our time-space suit for life on Earth. Ascended from an unbroken lineage of living cells, it contains within it the experience of life on Earth, how to live on Earth, and all kinds of means for life survival. Sex is an in-built asset to ensure the continued life or humanity; of which a human is but a cell. Every body 'knows' what it is to live life; though you have choice how to live it. Each body is able to procreate, and recreate. It is no surprises that your body knows how to react While you can choose how you act.

The Flesh is Strong. Your body is more than 4 million years old. 4 Billion if you include earlier than human life forms. Our body is old. Tangible. Our body knows how to live and survive. Of course the flesh is strong. The initiation in the Temple is set up so you can learn to live with it.


Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit are all connected. They are one. In the body we know them as Anatomy, Physiology, Regulatory System and Psyche. In our life we know then as Body, Behaviour, Belief and Being. Spirit, or Being, is the basis of our existence. Creation is the sequence from Universe to Existence to Life to your being. The universe, a.k.a. Spirit, is all that exists. It is the basis of creation, and existence. Some call t the universe; some call it god. It is by definition strong, because it is the foundation of all that exists. This is why it iw not evident; it already is, and what we perceive is focused on the difference with respect to all what already exists For those who know that spirit is realised to be weak; for those who don't spirit is perceived to be weka. Ir ia a matter of perspective It is a matter of choice. Of involvement.  Priestess training is focused on total involvement.


The prostitutes and whores, coursisanes and hookers, are priestesses still. No matter how men name them – which describes their own conviction – our body is part of nature. The song of the uniVerse sings in our body. If a man learns to know it, so much the better for him, and all the women that meet him. If a man comes to know the way his body naturally functions, so much the better for his health and the people around him. Sex is the powerful force in creation. In humanity – as in two component glue – it comes in two parts, such are the powers it contains. To be able to live with that power, and to be able to appreciate the complementarity between sexes, is part of sexual initiation. The power of oestrogen and testosterone fuels our life, and our body. Not to know how to use it, and live it, is a major cause for disease; and social conflict. By calling 'prostitution' Sex Therapy, i our culture all those ill can be healed. We cannot deny we are sexual beings. We live it. We can also live it. “Sex Therapy” is a path to Initiation.


Our civilisation is sick. Sexual deprivation and depreciation cause more problems than seen. Due to sexual ignorance and incompetence, the culture does not grow beyond adolescence. “Adult” films and programs are merely “adolescent”. Internet is full of porn as symptom, and to recover from, wide scale cultural sexual deprivation. It is time for the culture to grow up. Women have still not recovered from the shock of witch burning, and therefore find it difficult to speak up on fundamental vital issues. Rules for Culture are still regarded as stronger than Laws of Nature. The culture is still not in balance. Men and women are still not in balance. The lesson of balance lies within our own body. Men and women, each, hold half the staff that can kindle life. But women hold the ring of life unbroken. It is up to the women to know this, to realise this, and to live this. Ans live the Laws of Nature.


A culture where sexuality is denied can hardly come to peace with nature and its own inner nature. The practice of sending people to school, when they should be rearing offspring, pressurises all people. Naturally, people experience sexual initiation at the onset of puberty; and learn that their life is unique. And that they are uniquely responsible for the life they are living. Women can feel this; and can choose if the wish to carry that flame, via a spark, further as a life line. When 'children' are pregnant at 16 they live in the natural rhythms. They 'going to bed late' matches the nightly needs from their babied. Then, when they children are teens and start to become adult by caring for babies, they can learn and live and create. Thus is a natural biological rhythms. But many are the stories by which people tell people that these are not to be followed. Yet: by disconnecting mind from body, culture also disconnects from nature. It is well time to heal this.


“Prostitutes” are priestesses of initiation. Sexuality is a vital power. The source of this power is seen in creation. It can be recognised throughout nature This power can not be denied; when denied it becomes an addiction and shows itself in ugly ways, While its own way is clean and pure. It is a simple matter to heal this. Replace Prostitute by Sexual Therapists; make the education in school experiential as well as theoretical. Help people learn their true sexual nature. Sex-related crimes (which are many) and sex-related diseases (which are many) will at once resolve. The cultural unnatural habits will be recognised as based on sexual frustration Just as our culture looks back on Victorian Times and Medieval Times, we can look back on the time we are living. And integrate culture with nature, by living our nature. Which is physical, and psychological: as sex brings out and together. It is wise to live this.


This text was inspired by a presentation of a sexual therapist, who in medical school spoke of the needs of the diseased and disabled; mentally or physically. 'Everybody feels better in feeling well”. This need is basic. This is why laws against prostitution are unrealistic: we all need to feel well to feel better. The discrepancy between the rules for culture and the Laws of Nature is important. They can only be combined if based on Laws of Nature. By restoring the laws of Nature as the basis, the Rules of Culture can be in place. Because of the differences between men ad women, the one cannot decide for the other. The Human aspects comes into play only when men are in balance with women, and vice versa. The simplest way to restore this is to educate people, sexually, so that our culture does not stay stuck in puberty, and all the problems that come out of sexual frustration. Sex is a natural solution, for better life.



Deel 1 Beschrijft de wijsheid van Seksuele inwijding.
Deel 2 beschrijft het verval; en de wens voor genezing.

Verdere uitwerking is te vinden in vier voordrachten over Sexy Seks.
Apart is uitgelegd wat het belang is van Orgasme, voor het beleven van Mens(heid)bewustzijn.

Uiteindelijk is sex ALTIJD een eigen individuele beleving>
Het gaat erom dat je voor jezelf kiest, wat je in je leven be-leeft.
Dat is waarvoor seksuele ontwikkeling in de puberteit bedoeld is: om dat te leren>
SPecifiek, dat het erom gaat dat als man/vrouw/gemeenschap te beleven.


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